Tungnath-Chandrashila-Deoria Gallery

Select photos from solo trek to Tungnath-Chandrashila-Deoria Tal

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  1. Done last year,
    very good photographs,

  2. Sambit Oct 18th 2011

    Good Shot….
    Some photographs are really well captured..
    Which camera u use?

  3. Thanks.
    I use D5000 Nikon with 18-55 kit

  4. Hi!

    All the pics are very nice and soothing… keep up the good work.

  5. Hi … These are some very beautiful pictures of Deoriya taal. I am planning to visit the place in April last week this year. Can you please provide me some insights regarding weather around that time?

  6. Thanks!
    April would be great time, enjoy!

  7. gopinath saha Mar 9th 2012

    please share your email id . need to talk with you about kedernath journey.

  8. rahul vyas Mar 22nd 2012

    awesome photos loved watching it,iam going this place 1st april so any suggestion is highly recommended.

  9. Raagisri Apr 27th 2013


    I am planning in June 2nd week . Can u let me know reg weather.

  10. Weather will be good in june with evenings a bit cold. In later part of june expect rains.
    Carry woolens for morning/evening.

  11. sutapa Jun 27th 2013

    we are planning to go on 2-6th november. is that time perfect for trek after this natural calamity in uttarakhand?

  12. Hi,
    I think it will take some time to assess the damage done in the area. It is possible that govt may not allow pilgrimage/trek this year. So I would suggest to wait for the rainy season to end and then decide.

  13. sumit WALIA Oct 27th 2014

    could u elaborate where did u stay .
    at chandrashila or tungnath did u spend the night
    which month did u attempt tungnath


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