Successful Crossing of Traill’s Pass

We have successfully crossed Traill’s Pass during our expedition. We started from Kharkiya on September 26 2021 and reached Munsiyari on October 8th 2021. The team was as follows:

1. Araib Hasan

2. Nitin Bhardwaj

3. Dinesh chandra Singh ( Guide, from Jatoli)

4. Dev Singh ( HAP)

5. Pratap Singh ( HAP)

6. Inder Singh ( HAP)

7. Praveen Kumar ( HAP)

Detailed Write-up to follow

Photographic evidence below:

Group at the Pass
View of Pass after crossing
Approaching the Pass
Climbing the wall before C1
Group at C2 ready to cross the Pass
Ice-field between C1 and C2
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