Lakshadweep Gallery

Photos from Lakshdweep trip , March 2011

Sunset from the ship
Kavaratti Island | Lakshdweep
Blue waters at Kalpeni | Lakshdweep
Sunset from Kalpeni | Lakshdweep
Minicoy Beach | Lakshdweep
Minicoy | Lakshdweep
Sun and Shade
Sail Boats at Minicoy | Lakshdweep
Kavaratti island from distance
Beach at Kavaratti | Lakshdweep
Washed ashore
North Tip Beach at Kalpeni | Lakshdweep
Coffee Shop at Kalpeni | Lakshdweep
North end of Kalpeni Island
Sea view , Kalpeni | Laksdweep
Kalpeni from Jetty
Minicoy Beach
Out of favor Jetty, Minicoy | Lakshdweep
Minicoy from the jetty

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  1. hey, could you please give a brief detail about your lakshdweep trip?

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